Get sample ads for advertising Marriage Bureaus in the single edition north eastern newspaper- the Mizoram Post from the releaseMyAd online ad booking agency

Please help me with some Sample advertisements for advertising my new Marriage Bureau in the Mizoram Post & help me with the rates as well


To begin with the booking of your advert in the Mizoram Post & review the rates for marriage bureau category ads, please visit the following link: This is a singleedition newspaper which is the Aizawl edition. 

Choose the package to proceed to the 'Compose Ad' page where in you can create your advert with the help of our Sample ads as well as modify the same with enhancements like background colours, ticks etc. 

At the end you are required to confrim the release dates and make the payment for the same with the help of our online & offline payment mediums.

Marriage Bureau Ad for Mizoram Post Aizawl
Rs.500 /10 words Book Now

No Package Available For This Selection.
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